Tomorrow with You

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This week I am recommending the romantic drama: Tomorrow with You.
Starring Shin Min Ah, Lee Je Hoon, Kim Ye Won, Jo Han Chul, and Oh Kwang Rok.
Written by Heo Sung Hye, this 16 episode series aired in 2017.
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Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) is a CEO of a large company and approaches every situation as a profit or a loss. He is selfish and lives his life looking out for only himself. Not only is So Joon rich and handsome, but he also has the ability to time-travel when he travels on a subway. Song Ma Rin (Shin Min Ah) is a photographer who was once a child star. Struggling as an adult in her personal life and professionally, she keeps a positive and optimistic attitude. When So Joon sees his how depressed and dull his life is in the future, he decides to marry Ma Rin as a way to save his own future. Although he doesn’t love her, Ma Rin is in love with So Joon. Will it be possible for So Joon to actually find love in his heart for Ma Rin?

Tomorrow with You has such an interesting concept to it. I haven’t seen many dramas that deal with the ability of time travel, unlike many that dealt with the supernatural ability to see spirits and ghosts. This fresh idea was received well, as well as the casting choice of Shin Min Ah and Lee Je Hoon. Overall this drama is going to be a tear-jerker and will definitely feature some comedic scenes between Min Ah and Je Hoon.


Flower Boy Ramen Shop

Welcome DramaSpot readers!

This week I am recommending the Romantic-Comedy: Flower Boy Ramen Shop.
Starring Jung Il Woo, Lee Chung Ah, Kim Ye Won, Lee Ki Woo, Park Min Woo, and Joo Hyun.
Written by Yoon Nan Joong this 16 episode series aired in 2011.
Watch it on DramaFever, Viki, and KissAsian.

'Flower Boy Ramen Shop' Promotional Photo

Yang Eun Bi (Lee Chung Ah) is a University student who is studying to take her civil servant test to fulfill her dream of being a high school teacher. Cha Chi Soo (Jung Il Woo) is a spoiled high school student who is heir to a successful food industry. When Eun Bi is assigned to be a teacher’s assistant to Chi Soo’s class she see’s how arrogant the high schooler is. Meanwhile, Chi Soo is fascinated by Eun Bi’s athletic skill and fierceness. After Eun Bi’s father’s Ramen Shop is bought by Choi Gang Hyuk (Lee Ki Woo) Eun Bi finds herself in a love triangle between Chi Soo and Gang Hyuk.

This was one of the first KDrama’s that I ever watched and I loved every minute of it. It has some of the best things: food, ‘flower boys’ (aka pretty boys), and a romantic storyline. I recommend this to fans who love to watch people make and eat ramen and also are invested in a hilarious story line with quirky characters that will steal your heart.